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SEM 20/01/09 – will we see a shift in calls to action?

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A subtle shift in calls to action reaps rewards in Search…

I am who I am because of everyone

“I am” – TV ad campaign by Orange prompts users to use search. In fact the campaign and it’s call to action “search online for I am” saw an 15% lift in traffic to the Orange website reports the New Media Age.

This week’s new media age revealed that Orange intends to look at further ways to use search calls to action within its advertising after Spencer McHugh, Orange head of brand communications, revealed the campaign had increased web traffic to Orange properties by 15%.

The use of such prompts to search online, whether it be a direct call to ‘search’ or other active phrases such as ‘Compare the market’ or ‘Quote me happy’, are nothing new, but the point is the former appears to be becoming a mainstream technique.

Both Google and Yahoo approached Orange to better understand the effectiveness of the campaign; for them it’s surely the holy grail if brands actively encourage consumers to search online.

One interesting point that was brought up by Orange was the uniform approach taken by brands in Japan, where this is a very established trend. There brands all use the same standard iconography in their ads, with keywords highlighted in a search box, next to a magnifying glass or mouse pointer.

Orange’s McHugh told new media age that such a standard process would make sense as the trend develops in the UK – like the AOL Keywords box so prevalent a few years ago.

Maybe it’s too soon to be thinking about that as it’s a trend that’s still growing, but certainly, for me, it’s the one to watch in 2009.

Search online for I am

Search online for I am

Visit the ‘I am everyone’ website…

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January 21, 2009 at 1:31 am

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