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In this post I will examine the reasons for the success behind the marketing of this promo for ABC Local Radio – Why Athletes Should Wear Pants.

The Brief

String Theory created two ABC Local Radio promos to highlight their Olympic Games coverage. Only one promo could be chosen for the Television campaign. However the other promo, which was a humorous take on why listening to the Olympics is better than watching it; featuring staged photos of athletes in tight fitting clothing revealing lumps, bumps and bulges. The promo was thought to be worthy of promoting in an online space. However, it couldn’t appear to be from the ABC or be promoted by an ABC person.

The Response

A story, a talking point was created for the promo – ‘Too hot for TV’. That the powers that be within the ABC had rejected this pitched promo, only for it to be leaked to the internet by an insider. To help authenticate the story a title card announcing that this video was a ‘pitch’ was added to the start of the video. In addition to this, the most provactive image we could muster was chosen as the video’s thumbnail and a slightly odd and suggestive title was given to the video – “Why Athletes should wear pants” – a title that suggest this video contains some form of nudity or a revealing image.

The Launch Strategy

Without going into too much detail here. A launch strategy was planned with the basic goal of getting as many eyeballs onto the promo within its first 24 hours on YouTube. Essentially we used social media sites like DIGG, social network sites like Facebook and email marketing to drive people to the promo. In addition Blog authors, media websites and people with a prominent presence in the media were alerted to the leaked video by anonymous sources. And luckily for us it worked. Of course leaking a video about the Olympics just prior to the Olympics is a significant advantage.

The Results: Overall Statistics

The viral's vital statistics

The viral's vital statistics

YouTube Insight

YouTube Insight is the free video metric tool available to video owners and provides metrics in the following categories:

  • Views
  • Popularity – by Region, Country and State
  • Disovery – the source of your views
  • Demographics – who is watching by age and gender
  • Hot Spots – significant moments in your video


With a staggering 250,000+ views and counting. This promo far exceeded the 50K target that was hoped for by the end of the ABC Local Radio Olympics broadcast.


Why Athletes should wear pants

Views by Country: Why Athletes should wear pants

Discovery Summary: Source of views

Video Discovery Summary

Video Discovery Summary

As we can see from this metric. Related videos account for a staggering 72% of all views of this video. So lets have a look at those related videos to see which ones where driving views of our video and why.

Disovery: Related videos summary

  • The number one ‘Related video’ alone accounts for 19.0%
Related Video Summary

Related Video Summary

Discovery: The number 1 Related video:

The Ten Hottest Female Athletes (SFW)

  • Added: 28 February, 2008
  • Views: 378,323
  • Ratings: 316
  • Comments: TBC
The Top Ten Hottest Athletes

The number 1 related video: The Top Ten Hottest Athletes

Discovery: Related videos – how are these videos related?

So lets examine the reasons why this video and Why Athletes Should Wear Pants are related. Essentially there are two main reasons:

  • Category: SPORTS
  • Tags
Related video tags
Discovery: Related video tags

The Top Ten Hottest Female Athletes has 16 Tags (keywords)

  • Hot
  • Sports
  • Talk
  • Hottest
  • Sexy
  • Female
  • Athletes
  • Sharapova
  • Jennie
  • Finch
  • Amanda
  • Beard
  • Danika
  • Patrick
  • Allison
  • Stokke

Why Athletes Should Wear Pants has only 6 Tags that match with the number 1 related video:

  • Athletes
  • Sharapova
  • Allison
  • Stokke
  • Amanda
  • Beard

But those 6 matching tags allow this video to appear as a related video where ever this video is played. Both videos popularity play off each other.


viral-demographics1This video proved most popular with Men aged 45-54. The reason: mid life crisis? No. I believe a provocative thumbnail and title is responsible.

Hot Spots


A search for the video’s YouTube ID reveals that the video has been syndicated to over 70 websites that hosts YouTube content.


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